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Reading Development Series Overview

Each level of the Reading Development Series consists of a reader, a workbook and answer key, plus a separate vocabulary & comprehension workbook and two answer keys. Together they form a very comprehensive program for developing reading skills. Extensive but optional teacher manuals are available.

The Reading Development Series is a revision of the original Canadian Reading Development Series. The readers and workbooks use Canadian English spellings. Word lists show American spelling where appropriate. The Canadian spelling, the American spelling, and the pages on which they occur are all listed.

• Hard Covered
• Reusable - the student does not write in the book
• Black and white illustrations
• Stories have a wide variety of settings from around the world
• Contains a variety of poetry and other writing styles

Reading Skills Workbooks
• consumable paperback workbooks
• These books can be used on their own without using the readers.
• Exercises are designed to build reading skills
• Has independent work
• Contains drills and exercises designed to develop reading speed and comprehension
• Teaches students how to glean information from what they just read.
• Contains some background information for the stories in the Reading Development readers.
• Content does not quiz students regarding the stories themselves - see the Vocabulary and Comprehension Workbooks.

Reading Skills Workbook Answer Keys
• paperback
• Makes checking answers easy
• Contains the answers and suggestions for marking.

Vocabulary and Comprehension Workbooks
• paperback
• Consumable workbook
• Exercises teach the most difficult words in each story.
• New Words are used in context
• Comprehension/Discussion questions that relate to the story being read are included at the end of the workbook
• Can be done independently by the student
• Can be used on their own without using the readers from this series

Vocabulary Answer Keys
• paperback
• Makes checking answers easy
• Includes the pronunciation for new or unfamiliar words

Comprehension Answer Keys
• paperback
• Makes checking answers easy