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Skills Covered in
Shining Skies
  1. Word Recognition and Word-Analysis Techniques
    1. Using Context Clues
    2. Structural analysis: root words
    3. Accents
    4. Diacritical marks
    5. Enunciation
  2. Enlarging the Meaning Vocabulary
    1. Getting meaning from context
    2. Adding new meanings to known words
    3. Synonyms and antonyms
    4. Using new words in different contexts
    5. Using the dictionary
    6. Prefixes and suffixes
    7. Word origins
    8. Derived form
    9. Homonyms
    10. Selecting effective words and phrases
    11. Interpreting figurative, archaic, and dialectic language
    12. Interpreting idiomatic language
    13. Meaning from pictures
    14. Special terms
  3. Developing Skill in Locating Information
    1. Using index
    2. Using maps
    3. Interpreting pictures, diagrams, graphs, and charts
    4. Using the encyclopedia
    5. Using the atlas
    6. Using the dictionary
    7. Skimming
  4. Ability to Remember What is Read
    1. Ability to practice recall
    2. Ability to select facts to be remembered
  5. Developing Skill in Selecting and Evaluating Information
    1. Selecting suitable sources of information
    2. Recognizing the author's purpose
    3. Distinguishing between relevant and irrelevant, important and unimportant information
    4. Recognizing the difference between fact and opinion
    5. Judging the validity of one's information (bias)
    6. Using several sources to solve a problem
    7. Judging the adequacy of one's information
    8. Distinguishing the language of fact from the language of feeling
    9. Developing literary appreciation
    10. Rhythm in poetry
  6. Developing Power of Comprehension
    1. Reading to get the main idea
    2. Classification
    3. Critical Thinking
      1. Making comparisons
      2. Making inferences
      3. Drawing conclusions
      4. Predicting outcomes
      5. Finding proof
      6. Cause and effect
      7. Logical statements
      8. Making judgments
    4. Reading to note specific details
    5. Reading to answers questions
    6. Reading to follow directions
    7. Reading to keep the problem in mind
    8. Reading to form a sensory impression and visualizing
    9. Reading to organize and remember
      1. Recognizing supporting details
      2. Becoming familiar with paragraph organization
      3. Making outlines
      4. Making summaries
      5. Making notes and reports
  7. Increasing Speed of Silent Reading
    1. Adjusting rate to requirements of different types of material and to the purpose in hand
    2. Tests of speed and comprehension

8th Level - Shining Skies

Reading Development Series

$60.97CAD / $55.37USD - #W3208  

This kit includes:
• Shining Skies Reader
• Shining Skies Workbook
• Shining Skies Workbook Answer Key
• Shining Skies Vocabulary and Comprehension Workbook
• Shining Skies Vocabulary Answer Key
• Shining Skies Comprehension Questions Answer Key (not shown)

The six items in this kit and a full Language Arts kit
with Climbing to Good English are available for individual purchase below.

$19.97CAD / $17.97USD - #W3570  
• 464 page hardcover reader
• Contains 49 poems
• Contains 43 stories
• Includes a glossary, a word list, and a listing of Canadian/American spelling differences

$6.97CAD / $6.47USD - #W3571  
• consumable paperback workbook
• 160 pages
• contains 10 tests of speed and comprehension
• features a tightly controlled vocabulary

Although the exercises are assigned to accompany certain lessons in the Shining Skies reader, some of these assignments are arbitrary. The exercises are made self-contained so that you can do them in a different order if necessary. You can also use this workbook along with other reading books of the same level.

Every effort has been made to have the instructions clear and concise, but some students may have trouble getting started with certain exercises. It this occurs, take the time to explain the intention of the exercise and to work one or two examples with them. Students should not be asked to muddle along with exercises they do not understand or for which they lack preparation.

$11.97CAD / $10.97USD - #W3572  
• paperback
• 160 pages

The Teacher Edition of the Shining Skies Workbook is a copy of the workbook with the answers filled in.

$5.47CAD / $4.97USD - #W3573  
• consumable paperback workbook
• 120 pages
• Two workbook pages per story
• Each exercise is divided into five parts

$9.97CAD / $8.97USD - #W3574  
• paperback
• 130 pages
• Includes reproducible tests to be given after every 5th lesson

The Teacher Edition of the Shining Skies Vocabulary Workbook is a copy of the workbook with the answers filled in. It includes additional reproducible tests that are not in the student workbook. The Teacher Edition also provides pronunciation help for words that may not be as familiar.

$9.97CAD / $8.97USD - #W3574K  
• paperback
• 51 pages

Skills Covered in
Climbing to Good English
    1. Paraphrasing/Summarizing
    2. Writing Summaries
    3. Taking & Organizing Notes
    4. Writing Your Report
    5. Outline Form for Study
    6. Letter Form and Quality
    7. Business Letters
    8. Everyday Letters
    9. Poetic Figures of Speech
    10. Writing Short Verse
    11. Writing Longer Poems
    12. Improving Writing Style
    13. Use Phrases to Save Words
    14. Phrases and Clauses
    15. More Word-Saving Tricks
    16. Variety In Sentences
    17. Common Pitfalls of Writers
    18. Story Writing with Dialogue
    19. Live writing
    20. Writing with a Flourish
    21. Good Endings
    22. Writing Short Stories
    1. More About Sentences
    2. Developing Good Paragraphs
    3. Writing Paragraphs
    4. Tying Ideas Together
    5. Connecting Paragraphs
    6. Revising and Proofreading
    7. Order In a Paragraph
    8. Revising and Proofreading
    1. Capitalization and Punctuation
    2. Improving Your Vocabulary
    3. Finding the Right Words
    4. Writing Numbers
    5. More About Commas
    6. Parentheses and Dashes
    7. Colons and Semicolons
    8. Quotations
    1. Identifying Nouns
    2. Noun Forms
    3. Subject-Verb Agreement
    4. Using Nouns as Complements (Direct and Indirect Objects)
    5. Using Nouns as Subject Complements
    6. Using Nouns as Appositives and Direct Address
    7. Using Exact & Vivid Nouns
    8. Special Problems with Pronouns
    9. Pronoun Agreement
    10. Puzzling Pronouns
    1. Using Adjectives Correctly and Effectively
    2. Adverbs
    3. Using Adverbs Correctly and Effectively
  6. VERBS
    1. Identifying Verbs
    2. Verbs In Harder Sentences
    3. Understanding Verb Forms
    4. Verb Tense Agreement
    5. Using Exact & Vivid Verbs
    6. Verb Usage
    7. Gerunds
    8. Complements
    1. Using Prepositional Phrases Effectively
    2. Using Prepositions Correctly
    3. Conjunctions
    4. More Conjunctions; Interjections
Reading Development Series Language Arts Kit with

Climbing to Good English

By: SchoolAid

The seventh and eighth levels have been combined in much the same way as the fifth and sixth with enough lessons, unit tests and end-of-term tests to provide for 3 lessons per week. Practice sheets can fill out the week to five lessons or for homework.

Climbing to Good English 7 (CGE 7) and CGE 8 are the last books in this eight-book series and tie together loose ends other curriculums deal with farther on. This should in no way hinder the student who chooses to continue his formal education. It may, in fact, help him even more. Students reach the level where they are expected to rely on their own resources most of the time. Of course this greatly depends on the kind of foundation students have been given, and whether they have been taught to help themselves. Detailed teacher instructions in the annotated teacher's edition guide you in having the pupils take the initiative.

After a few review lessons, the basic grammar is reinforced and new concepts added. The emphasis on composition is strengthened, since effective writing is our major goal in teaching English.

$76.67CAD / $69.57USD - #WS3208  

This kit includes:
• Shining Skies Reader
• Shining Skies Workbook
• Shining Skies Workbook Answer Key
• Shining Skies Vocabulary and Comprehension Workbook
• Shining Skies Vocabulary Workbook Answer Key
• Shining Skies Comprehension Questions Answer Key (not shown)
• Climbing to Good English Level 8 Workbook
• Climbing to Good English Level 8 Practice Sheets (not shown)

NOTE: The Climbing to Good English 7/8 Teacher Guide is not included in the kit. You will need to purchase it as well - see below.

Items in this kit are available for individual purchase on this page.

$9.97CAD / $8.97USD - #3517  
• consumable paperback workbook
• 286 pages

$6.47CAD / $5.97USD - #3518  
• consumable paperback workbook
• 67 practice lessons

$22.47CAD / $19.97USD - #3519  
• Hardcover
• 390 pages
• shows filled in copies of the student workbook pages
• Includes a thesaurus and English Handbook reference guide
• Gives additional explanations and helpful teaching hints