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Skills Covered in
All Sails Set
  1. Word Recognition and Word Analysis Techniques
    1. Using Context Clues
    2. Analysis by syllables and larger word parts
    3. Analyzing compound and hyphenated words
    4. Review of unusual phonetic elements
    5. Structural analysis: root words
    6. Accents
    7. Diacritical marks
  2. Enlarging the Meaning Vocabulary
    1. Getting meaning from context
    2. Adding new meanings to known words
    3. Synonyms
    4. Using new words in different contexts
    5. Using the Glossary and Word List
    6. Using the dictionary
    7. Prefixes and suffixes
    8. Homonyms and antonyms
    9. Rhyming and rhythm
    10. Selecting effective words and phrases
    11. Interpreting figurative and archaic language
    12. Onomatopoetic language
    13. Classifying vocabulary
  3. Developing Power of Comprehension
    1. Reading to get the main idea
    2. Critical Thinking
      1. Making comparisons
      2. Making inferences
      3. Drawing conclusions
      4. Predicting outcomes
      5. Finding proof
      6. Cause and effect
    3. Reading to note specific details
    4. Reading to find answers to questions
    5. Reading to follow directions
    6. Reading to form a sensory impression
    7. Reading to organize and remember
      1. Arranging story elements in sequential order
      2. Becoming familiar with paragraph organization
      3. Making outlines
      4. Making summaries
      5. Review for retention and recall
  4. Developing Skill in Locating Information
    1. Using index, table of contents, and word lists
    2. Using maps
    3. Interpreting pictures, diagrams, graphs, and charts
    4. Skimming
    5. Using the encyclopaedia and standard reference materials
    6. Using tables
  5. Increasing Speed of Silent Reading
    1. Adjusting rate to requirements of different types of material and to the purpose in hand
    2. Practising speed in silent reading
    3. Tests of speed and comprehension
  6. Promoting Skill in Purposeful Oral Reading

6th Level - All Sails Set

Reading Development Series

One skill that is important for students to develop is the ability to separate important items from relatively unimportant ones while reading. The books in this level place much emphasis upon outlining and paragraph organization to help teach this skill.

Equally important is the ability to read critically - to compare, infer, draw conclusions, see cause and effect relationships, and predict outcomes. The 6th level workbook places much more emphasis on this type of skill and less upon routine noting of details.

From the very first story in the book, "They Helped Themselves," through to the final story "New Boy at Plumfield," readers will be challenged, encouraged and taught through examples the finer qualities of being a decent and upright human being throughout the big and the seemingly little things and events in life. Character qualities are skilfully woven into the poetry and stories by authors such as Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, A.A. Milne, Don Henshaw, E. Pauline Johnson, Lynn Harrington and Louisa May Alcott. Learn about integrity, love, honesty, hard work, selflessness, perseverance and more from the tales which tend to revolve around the experiences of the children in the stories. While a number of the stories are set in Canada, the reader will be exposed to numerous cultures and places in different times of history.

Expand the vocabulary with words such as perpendicular, precipice, diphtheria, embankment, tenacious, exasperation, blathering, tamarack, confidentially, and tantalizing. Speaking of which, we hope this brief description now has you tantalized and eager to delve into these delightful pages.

$60.97CAD / $55.37USD - #W3206  

This kit includes:
• All Sails Set Reader
• All Sails Set Workbook
• All Sails Set Workbook Answer Key
• All Sails Set Vocabulary and Comprehension Workbook
• All Sails Set Vocabulary Answer Key
• All Sails Set Comprehension Questions Answer Key (not shown)

The six items in this kit and a full Language Arts kit
with Climbing to Good English are available for individual purchase below.

$19.97CAD / $17.97USD - #W3560  
Click here to view Reader sample pages. (opens in a new tab)
• 446 page hardcover reader
• Contains 28 poems
• Contains 41 stories
• Includes a glossary, a word list, and a listing of Canadian/American spelling differences

$6.97CAD / $6.47USD - #W3561  
Click here to view Workbook sample pages. (opens in a new tab)
• consumable paperback workbook
• 156 pages
• contains 10 tests of speed and comprehension
• features a tightly controlled vocabulary
This workbook is designed to be done independently by the student with a minimum of preliminary explanation by the instructor. Each exercise is prefaced with a clear set of directions. Following these directions will in itself be valuable training in comprehension. The purpose of each exercise is clearly set out so the student understands the reason for doing it.

In almost every case, each selection in the Reader has both a preparatory and a follow-up workbook exercise. Practice selections in the workbook are closely related to the unit theme.

$11.97CAD / $10.97USD - #W3562  
Click here to view Workbook Answer Key sample pages. (opens in a new tab)
• paperback
• 156 pages

The Teacher Edition of the All Sails Set Workbook is a copy of the workbook with the answers filled in.

$5.57CAD / $4.97USD - #W3563  
Click here to view Vocabulary and Comprehension sample pages. (opens in a new tab)
• consumable paperback workbook
• 117 pages
• Two workbook pages per story
• Each exercise is divided into five parts
The Vocabulary Workbook does more than just simply teach vocabulary. It introduces new or unfamiliar words that will be found in the related story. By learning the words first, the student will have a better grasp of what the story is saying. The vocabulary workbook also includes questions for Reading for Comprehension and Reading to Remember that relate to each story in the reader.

$9.97CAD / $8.97USD - #W3564  
Click here to view Vocabulary and Comprehension Answer Key sample pages. (opens in a new tab)
• paperback
• 126 pages
• Includes reproducible tests to be given after every 5th lesson

The Teacher Edition of the All Sails Set Workbook is a copy of the workbook with the answers filled in. It includes additional reproducible tests that are not in the student workbook. The Teacher Edition also provides pronunciation help for words that may not be as familiar.

$9.97CAD / $8.97USD - #W3564K  
Click here to view Vocabulary and Comprehension Answer Key sample pages. (opens in a new tab)
• paperback

Skills Covered in
Climbing to Good English
    1. Writing Paragraphs
    2. Titles
    3. Studying Poetry
    4. Personal Narrative
    5. Descriptive Writing
    6. Direct Quotations
    7. Quotation Marks in Titles
    8. Writing Dialogue
    9. Summarizing
    10. Friendly Letters
    11. Writing Business Letters
    12. Writing Book Reports
    13. Writing Reports
    14. Writing Exposition
    15. Proofreading
    1. Dictionary Guide Words
    2. Dictionary
    3. Skimming & Summarizing
    4. Taking Notes and Writing an Outline
    5. Word Usage
    1. Composition
    2. Subjects and Predicates
    3. Compound Subjects and Predicates
    4. Simple and Compound Sentences
    5. Fragments and Run-ons
    6. Writing Interesting Sentences
    7. Combining Sentences
    1. Using Commas
    2. Periods & More Commas
    3. Colons and Hyphens
    4. Underlining
    5. Capitalization
    6. Contractions
    7. Word Division
    8. Comparisons & Contrasts
    1. Nouns: Using A and An
    2. Common & Proper Nouns
    3. Singular & Plural Nouns
    4. Possessive Nouns
    5. Recognizing Pronouns
    6. Objective Case Pronouns
    7. Possessive Case Pronouns
    8. Subject-Verb Agreement
    9. Practising Pronouns
    10. Diagramming Pronoun Subjects
    1. Proper Adjectives
    2. Diagramming Adjectives
    3. Predicate Adjectives
    4. Using Adjectives in Comparison
    5. Comparing Irregular Adjectives
    6. Using Adjectives Correctly
  7. VERBS
    1. Action Verbs
    2. Linking Verbs
    3. Verb Phrases
    4. Principal Parts of Verbs
    1. Adverbs and Modifiers
    2. Parts of Speech
    3. Double Negatives
    1. Prepositional Phrases Used as Adjectives
    2. Prepositional Phrases
    3. Conjunctions
    4. Using Whose and Who's Interjections
    5. Using Prepositions
    1. Complements
    2. Direct and Indirect Objects
    3. Subjective Complements
Reading Development Series Language Arts Kit with

Climbing to Good English

By: SchoolAid
Climbing to Good English Levels 5 and 6 are designed to run parallel in a mixed grade situation if needed with three English classes per week. Use the Practice Sheets the other two days per week, or as needed. Both grades study and discuss the same concepts at the same time. However, sixth grade is generally on a harder level and often has more work. The teacher guide gives clear instructions.

Each unit begins with a composition lesson which encompasses listening, reading, evaluation, taking notes, organizing, building vocabulary, explaining, writing, editing, and rewriting, followed with lessons on grammar, mechanics and word usage.

The students are expected to help themselves do much of the work independently without much teacher help.

$72.97CAD / $66.47USD - #WS3206  

This kit includes:
• All Sails Set Reader
• All Sails Set Workbook
• All Sails Set Workbook Answer Key
• All Sails Set Vocabulary Workbook
• All Sails Set Vocabulary Workbook Answer Key
• All Sails Set Comprehension Questions Answer Key (not shown)
• Climbing to Good English Level 6 Workbook
• Climbing to Good English Level 6 Practice Sheets (not shown)

NOTE: The Climbing to Good English 5/6 Teacher Guide is not included in the kit. You will need to purchase it as well - see below.

Items in this kit are available for individual purchase on this page.

Click here to view Climbing to Good English sample pages. (opens in a new tab)

$7.47CAD / $6.97USD - #3512  
• consumable paperback workbook
• 234 pages

$4.97CAD / $4.67USD - #3513  
• consumable paperback workbook
• 68 pages

$22.47CAD / $19.97USD - #3514  
• Hardcover
• 170 pages
• shows filled in copies of the student workbook pages
• Includes a thesaurus and English Handbook reference guide
• Gives additional explanations and helpful teaching hints